Halftone Photoshop Effect 자료 활용하세요.

Get creative with the tones of your graphics by leaving it all to dots! You’re going to master the newspaper letterpress technique with this halftone Photoshop effect pack.<br><br> It’s fascinating how the image obtains a completely new look when being converted into its reprographic variant. Which is more interesting, is the almost effortless way you can achieve the aspired result while having multiple adjustment features available! Customize the size of the dots with <strong>8 available halftone press options</strong> to add or reduce details. If you need your picture to have a certain shade to stand out, use <strong>10 color overlays</strong>, also coming in the pack. Better try once, than hear about it twice! The effect is super easy to deal with while working on your photo projects like ads, branding elements, or poster designs.


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