Free Download: 30 Script Fonts | Webdesigner Depot

The foundation of all typography is your choice of font. The font creates the voice of your text, its character and personality. For designers who aim to produce vital and engaging designs, a well-stocked font menu is a must. Of all the varieties of typeface, the most expressive, the most characterful, are script faces. The hand-drawn, hand-written, and hand-painted qualities make them ideal for designs that eschew the corporate grey of Helvetica. This fantastic free download is brought to you by Mighty Deals. The collection includes scripts ideal for branding, scripts perfect for imitating lettering, and scripts made for communicating. There are masculine scripts and feminine scripts, traditional scripts and contemporary scripts, elegant scripts and grungy scripts. 30 different voices for expressive typography. Once you take into account the variations in weight, style, and swashes, there are 65+ font files to download and enjoy. In the download you’ll find: Alessandria, Andora,


20 Best New Portfolios, September 2019 | Webdesigner Depot

2019년 9월 포트 폴리오 디자인 참고하세요.

Every month we roundup the best portfolios launched by agencies, freelance designers, and other creative professionals, into one easy-to-digest collection. And now we come to September. The kids are off to school (the poor dears), the teachers are off to school (the poor dears), and you’re free to spend some time thinking about the most important holiday of the year. You’ve got to get ready for it emotionally, spiritually, and financially. That’s right, I’m talking about Halloween. But before you get the pumpkin spice out of the cupboard, why not have a look at these fancy new portfolios? Enjoy. Note: I’m judging these sites by how good they look to me. If they’re creative and original, or classic but really well-done, it’s all good to me. Sometimes, UX and accessibility suffer. For example, many of these sites depend on JavaScript to display their content at all; this is a Bad Idea?, kids. If you find an idea you like and want to adapt to your own site, remember to implement it